Culture War vs. Economic War

| October 29, 2020

What has destroyed the Democratic Party, is people who try to frame it as a culture war instead of an economic war. It’s not the party elites who do this. It’s young radicals. And what this does is drives away cultural conservatives into voting Republican because they don’t want police constantly slandered, whites constantly slandered, […]

Election Prediction

| October 28, 2020

Let’s be realistic about the election. The reason Biden could win: Right now Biden is a stronger candidate than John Kerry, Al gore or Hillary Clinton, and all of them came very close. In a 100 meter dash, a .02 second win looks big in a photo finish. All biden needs is a little lean […]

Democratic Party Tent

| October 28, 2020

Almost everything Biden does, even his VP selection, is based on expanding the tent. And the key is the people in the tent have to know they’re in the same tent, though they may be in different corners of the tent. One may be a cultural conservative, another a liberal. edit: I think a lot […]

Possible Solution to Big Tech Censorship?

| October 28, 2020

For people who don’t like big tech, I have an idea. Make a portal. And if you search the portal. it will show videos from youtube, will also show bitchute, daily motion. So if someone gets banned and moves, they’ll still come up in your searches, but you’ll also see youtube.   Do the same […]

The Wrong Analysis on Race

| October 27, 2020

I think the extreme liberal left learned the wrong lesson from the period of time between 1960 and 2007 where pretty much whites didn’t publicly air their grievances. Blacks did, Gays did, women did, but white males really didn’t. They thought it was all their college campus activism, sensitivity training, courses on boasnian anthropology etc. […]

Harvey Weinstein Business Ethics

| October 27, 2020

If one of Harvey Weinstein’s employees spoke out, what would have happened is a little time delay. Maybe a few months. then the letter “we’re sorry, but your skills and qualifications don’t fit the position.” If they did go public, they’d be blamed and never get another job. But it’s not just Weinstein, it’s all […]

What is a Conservative Democrat

| October 27, 2020

It should be clarified that in the democratic party, being a conservative means more being a cultural conservative, not an economic conservative. If you were a free market, laissez-faire type, you’d be a republican. A conservative democrat won’t chimp in anger because someone says “god.” they won’t praise abortion as a great accomplishment, like winning […]

On Court Packing

| October 27, 2020

I don’t want the court packed immediately. I do want the threat that Democrats can pack the court, if they do win, to act in a way to keep the court from pushing a political agenda. edit: I hope the threat that the court could be packed keeps the court acting constitutional. That’s my position […]

Why Republicans and Trump Don’t Back Labor

| October 26, 2020

The reason Trump will never back labor, nor will Republicans, is because the last thing he wants is his own employees being sort of able to act bold, able to walk out, not being basically submissive slaves. If Trump puts in pro labor bills, pro collective bargaining, ubi, makes it more difficult to fire people […]

The Split

| October 26, 2020

There was a period of time between the first George Bush up to Obama (which includes Clinton) where Democrats and Republicans sort of became a single party. You couldn’t tell the difference. But that is over. They’re splitting off again.