Party Label Blindness

| January 12, 2020

What I’m noticing, is that a good percentage of America doesn’t understand the internal divisions within each political party. They’d vote for Rand Paul then vote for John McCain and not see the contradiction. Or they’d vote for Hillary and vote for Bernie and not see the contradiction. It’s a bit like support Stalin and […]

Trump Referendum

| January 12, 2020

Where Trump has changed: -H-1B Visas. -End endless wars (I’ve already addressed his pull out on the Kurds – that is something that should have happened but it should have been at a steady pace, not 3 years of doing nothing then pulling out all at once then moving the troops to Iraq.) -Minimum wage. […]

Bernie and Socialism

| January 11, 2020

People who say Bernie will lose because they’ll hammer him as a socialist, comparing his Democratic socialism to other forms of socialism, are practicing a form of politics that is five years out of date. It’s not Ronald Reagan’s era. People are fed up with corporations not fed up with government programs that feed the […]

Wrong Lesson on John Kerry’s 2004 Loss

| January 11, 2020

The wrong lesson was learned from the 2004 election. John Kerry did not lose the election because he opposed the war, but Bush stood steady on it and so people voted for the “stronger” commander in chief. Instead, he wavered and argued over tactics but not whether we should be at war. On the contrary, […]

Warren and Trump weak on Tech workers

| January 11, 2020

Warren lost her frontrunner status because she appeared to care more about pathways to legal immigration (such as h-1b visas, green cards, amnesy) than American workers. Whereas Sanders appears like he’s doing what he’s doing to stay competitive with Warren, but that he cares more about workers. Measuring progress only by diversity is like measuring […]

War on Iran and American Revolution

| January 11, 2020

On a war with Iran, the best analogy is the American revolution. The British were technically superior, better organized, better suited for conventional warfare. But the American people just didn’t want them there and so guerilla warfare prevailed Iran would not be an Iraq where American could pretend to win by dividing the population into […]

Democrats not Persuaded Soleimani Attack was Self-Defense

| January 11, 2020 I am open to changing my mind on this if evidence does show that he was about to do some radical strike that killed a bunch of people. At the same time, even then, I’d blame Trump for not getting out of the middle east day by day since 2016 (I blame Obama and […]

Iran has no Triangle like Iraq

| January 9, 2020

Nobody won the Iraq war it’s a civil war with a triangle of kurds and then Arabs divided by religion sunni and Shia and the religious divides go deeper like there are millions of different genres of heavy music. America did not win Afghanistan either as the taliban (not to be confused with al qaeda) […]

Sane Policy on War

| January 7, 2020

The only good reason to go to war with another country is that that country is planning to kill American civilians. There’s no other good reason. That includes oil and Israel. it includes corrupt and totalitarian leaders, because if another country wants a version of freedom (which may be different from ours), it needs to […]

Why I tolerate Opposing Views (posted on social media)

| January 7, 2020

There is not much debate here, but in other places there is.  Here is the explanation: Because I have a lot of experience in debates and I’ve been through intense debates way longer than this. Before America was politically polarized, I had debates in underground circles. I won’t purge you for disagreeing with my politics. […]