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Boomers Millennials Relationship

: January 11, 2021

There’s never been two generations that hate each other as much as boomers and millennials hate each other. I think it’s because boomers whore for free markets and then try to wash it away with anti-racism, pissing off white millennials too.

Internet Role Against Woke Corporatists

: January 11, 2021

The internet could be used to seek retribution against woke corporatists who discriminate against people who they label as too white, nerds, too intelligent etc.

The Great Grift

: January 9, 2021

If you can’t stand up to people in the private sector – if you just take it every time you’re wrongfully terminated or underpaid – then all your anti-government activism is a grift. Guess what libertarians – you’re fighting for something we already have – cowboy monopoly capitalism.

Weinstein did it

: January 8, 2021

Harvey Weinstein did more for me than the most skilled and careful post I could make could have. To have a big media super hero who was beloved by gullible people who trust mainstream media, who think I’m just some antisemite, fall like that. It will damage the credibility of our media machine forever.

On Trump Riots

: January 8, 2021

With the Trump riots, I respect the balls but not the brains. You’re fighting for a fake who just threw you right under the bus. Instead of doing it at the white house, you should find big corporations who screw their workers over and do it there.

BLM Paved Way for Trump Riots

: January 8, 2021

It would be foolish to deny that BLM paved the way for the Trump riots. The Trump fans looked at BLM and said “they can do it, so why can’t we.”

Polite but not True

: January 8, 2021

The idea that identity politics and class struggle have a common ground is a polite thing to say when you’re trying to appear tolerant and inclusive, but I’ve learned it not to be true. Hardcore racial activists DO NOT care about your class based grievances as a White person.

Complainers who never had to Work

: January 8, 2021

You know what would get me annoyed, except I lack the motivation to care. These people who act like they’ve had a hard life, when they’ve never held a legitimate blue collar job in their life. I’m sorry if you haven’t packed at a factory or unloaded trucks or something of that nature and you’re complaining – you wouldn’t last a day in a real blue collar job.

Apologize for Being White?

: January 7, 2021

White millennials should never apologize for being white. There is no white privilege, instead there is a two front war on us fought both by trickle down economics in the Republican Party and identity politics in the liberal half of the Democratic Party.
edit: White people should just be confident that reverse racism will fail just like reconstruction failed. You don’t have to be extreme, you just have to reject the left and be centrist instead. Against both the rich and the reverse racists.

A Common Problem in Business

: January 6, 2021

I notice the problem in business is always some punk who doesn’t register that you’re actually doing very well at what you’re doing and becomes hell bent on showing you up to the point of going to ridiculous extremes to find little pet peeves and then obsesses over them out of proportion.