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A Thought on Social Issues

: October 23, 2020

I wrote this post elsewhere.  Think it’s a good point: Care about war. Care about being poor. But don’t care about gay marriage or assault rifles being banned.

“Thing is, most people do have opinions on social issues, but they’re kind of weak opinions. They don’t live their whole lives around it. Meaning I might oppose gay marriage and the next guy might support it, but neither really care all that much.

I think a small number of people care passionately about social issues and feel let down when they find out most people don’t care as much. I am a social conservative, but I’m not a zealot.”

The Mirror

: October 23, 2020

The biggest thing people getting into politics need to understand is that republicans and democrats aren’t mirror images of each other, just one with a liberal and the other a conservative platform. This liberal “takeover” of Democrats is a forced thing that nobody wants.

Third Parties the Truth

: October 23, 2020

If you’re in some sort of third party or extreme movement, you gotta be realistic. You gotta expect that you’ll be condemned. If you don’t want that, polish you stuff up, and make it so it fits into one of the two parties.

Political Miscalculation I made

: October 23, 2020

I made a political miscalculation than in order to push working class policies, I needed to downplay my views on social issues and ally with liberals. I actually don’t need to do that, the conservative Democrats are still there. They’re just kind of hidden and silent.

Trump, Biden, WallStreet

: October 22, 2020

Trump is trailing in wall street donations because of his perceived cultural insensitivity, not his economic policy. Basically they’re useful idiots who think donating to Biden proves they aren’t racist. They think if they donate to Trump, they’ll get called racist.

Corporations absolutely fear, irrationally, being called alt right, white nationalist, racialist when no intelligent person thinks they are. They go out of the way to fire normal conservatives who they mistake for alt right. Plus even the non-violent white nationalists and non-violent alt right

(populist) Conservative Democrats and X-Democrats

: October 22, 2020

The bottom line – there are more conservative Democrats and more conservative x-Democrats who were artificially driven out by woke liberals than I realized. It made me realize that I don’t have to go all liberal socially just to get what i want economically. Biden proved it.

Woke Corporatism and Big Tech

: October 22, 2020

 Big Tech got very woke because of Trump and a lot of conservatives – some of them conservative democrats – started to get fired from jobs. I held a job for about 6 years then suddenly i was getting fired left and right. I know who is responsible. I don’t blame myself for that, I’m an excellent STEM skills talent with great business acumen.

Biden on Free Speech

: October 22, 2020

Biden is on parler.com defending free speech. Biden never called for Trump’s twitter account to be shut down. Biden won the primary, he is the one who actually got the votes.
A position against free speech would have been fatal. i would have voted for Trump. I know my candidates. I’m aware of where they stand on the issues. I know the difference between the candidates.

Sanders 2016 vs. 2020

: October 22, 2020

There are two main reasons Sanders did not do as well in 2020 as 2016.
1) Biden was a more popular candidate than Clinton. Biden also could not be blamed for the Libya debacle. He warned Obama to not join NATO in that.
2) Because of Trump, immigration became an issue and some of the positions Sanders was taking became more salient. He wanted to decriminalize border crossing, put a moratorium on deportations, break up ice etc. that stuff doesn’t play well. As far as decriminalization, it wasn’t just Sanders, but clearly Biden was the silent majority. When people started to get into the politics, they sided with Biden.
Sanders, Harris, Castro etc. had a mirage of what appeared to be a wave of early support, but the silent majority was just being silent.


: October 22, 2020

Most people prefer heterosexual marriage. But most people don’t write blog posts bashing gays. That’s what alt rights types don’t get. That’s kind like a counter-wokeness. You’re being woke just on the other side.