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Mental Midgets

: January 4, 2021

I’m sick of people who if we compared acumen and effectiveness to music, I’d be like an elite Beethoven and they’d be like Taylor Swift. And these mental midgets have the audacity to unseat me from my positions for their petty and inferior political motivations.

Every person who has ever interfered my career in the past is a mental midget. I say that loudly and unapologetically.

We Won’t Tolerate It

: January 3, 2021

We will not tolerate boomers talking about white privilege instead of talking about their own screw ups that screwed all millennials – including white millennials. You will not shift your fuck ups onto us.

The Dishonest Media

: January 3, 2021

The media creates a very dishonest narrative when it comes to how it covers crime and how it portrays certain narratives. That’s a big part of why I could myself centrist instead of liberal. I think the media is dishonest about the fact that black on white crime is much more common than the reverse, and that most of these “police murders” make a good headline and get people riled, but when you research it, the facts don’t support the protestors.

No Time for Sensitive Babies

: December 29, 2020

Millennials are going to have to grow up if they want to do something about the system that isn’t working for them. So many millennials are afraid that if they take a stand, they’ll lose either facebook friends or whatever economic standing they still have.
If millennials keep being sensitive babies who are easily manipulated by mass media and a few crumbs of bread, we’ll essentially never get things right.

Why Trump was Necessary

: December 28, 2020

We needed Donald Trump because all these yuppies talk about how we just need to be more laissez-faire, we just need the Government out, we should let the invisible hand of Adam smith play it out. Well Donald Trump shows us the exact sort of person that these Libertarian Reaganites are pandering to.

Crime Reporting Bias

: December 23, 2020

The media has to stop its racial bias in how it covers crimes. The actual stats show a very different picture than the isolated emotional appeals of the liberal media.

World Revolution Ideologies

: December 23, 2020

Ideologies that talk about a world revolution usually fail. History shows that nationalism usually prevails. Just like Trotsky’s permanent revolution failed, Baby Boomers’ ideology of spreading Democracy and Capitalism will fail. If they do spread, it will be coincidental.

Boomers and WalMart

: December 22, 2020

Baby Boomers don’t get that the debate in society isn’t whether Blacks can shop at walmart southwest of the Mason Dixon line. We had that debate. we decided to end segregation.
The debate is whether anyone can shop at walmart, because we have had failed trickle down economics since Ronald Reagan and Democrats have just pushed liberal cultural issues instead of going against it.

Summary of American Politics

: December 22, 2020

The summary of our politics is that elites have three main goals – liberalism, free markets and war. And that no matter who is in power, Democrat or Republican, those degenerate goals get pushed, with the appearance of false opposition. Democrats will push on liberalism and Republicans won’t stop it. Then Republicans will push on free markets and Democrats won’t stop it.
Trump “beat” us as an outsider who was going to change things and then he never actually fought for us.

Why We Got Cyber Attacked

: December 22, 2020

We got cyber attacked because Indian programmers aren’t good programmers and white programmers are reverse discriminated against.