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ADL, Coke, NAACP Boycott Facebook

: June 29, 2020

ADL, NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Common Sense, Free Press & Color Of Change Call For Global Corporations To Pause Advertising On Facebook To Stop Hate Online

I think these people are playing checkers instead of chess. If you really shut down racists ideologically, not just for rule violations, but you said you were going to ban all racists and then you set out to label people as racist – you would strengthen the “white nationalist” movement.

All these forums that are pretty much dead, because people went to facebook and twitter, would grow again.

In fact if you want whites to become organized as whites, I would recommend going on a witch hunt for white racists. And not only that, but having “Jewish organizations” leading the charge on that. Remember that Coke is a pro-Israel corporation, and they’re apparently invoked in the boycott too.

edit: laughing out loud at the idea that facebook has silenced black users for calling out racism. Only an idiot believes that. Now if someone unfriended you that’s not “facebook” that’s their individual decision.

Biden, Trump, Cancel Culture and Word Twisting

: June 29, 2020

The way that people are going out of their way to draw equivalencies between Biden and Trump on race should draw a red flag about the cancel culture.

For instance Biden has used the n word in quotation of another person in like 1985, and he said Obama was the first potential black president and that he was clean and articulate. Which doesn’t imply that he’s the first black person to be clean and articulate, just the first who had a chance to be president.

Now see how politically, people are trying to twist as if to say Biden is just as bad as Trump.

It’s for those reasons that we can’t tolerate cancel culture. They take what people say and they twist it, or they bring up stuff that is past the statute or limitation, for political reasons. And employers do this. They try to sacrifice people to prove they aren’t racist.

edit: Biden’s “racial jungle” comment is anti multiculturalism, but it’s necessarily anti black. And it was 1977, far past the statute of limitations in my mind.

Misdirection by Elites

: June 28, 2020

An important observation.

When there was codified, legalized discrimination against Blacks and limiting legal immigration from other non-whites, if you were anti-racist, you faced a social penalty for being anti-racist.

Now that those features have been swept away, there’s a penalty for not saying that those feature are still here.

In both cases it’s misdirection by elites.

Cancel Culture and Crabs

: June 28, 2020

Cancel Culture, to an extent, seems to be crabs grabbing other crabs that have made their way to the top of the pot.

Employer-Employee Big Tech Probation

: June 28, 2020

A problem I see is that with big tech, employers are becoming more like probation officers than they are as mentors trying to get the best performance out of you. Rather than rise you up, they’re trying to “violate” you.

I’m on probation now, but it feels like i’ve been on probation since I took my first computer programming job, so it’s like I was always on probation.

The Root of America’s Problem

: June 28, 2020

The core of our problem, in America, is that un-elected people have too much power.

They can determine whether you’re panhandling on the street of living in a mansion. They can determine whether you have decent health insurance or maybe the bronze plan on obamacare paying 1/2 your income for it. They can determine whether you have a real shot going for your next job interview, or if you’re just going to be libeled for petty reasons. They influence our foreign policy, they buy our politicians.

And it’s out of that system that we got our politicians, and it’s out of that same system which Trump came as a political outsider but still an economic insider.

This is the real problem, “Systemic racism” is at most a symptom of this.

I think white people and black people could agree on this if both of us focus on the intellectuals in our respective groups and both of us ignore the people who are against the intellectuals.

Libertarianism has mislead whites. They think being pro free market advances their class position. No it only allows these people to roll you with no consequences.

Comments on Karen

: June 28, 2020

#Karen is a tag on twitter to describe a nagging woman who is fragile and often in a racial context.

We need to support this “Karen Shaming” because it’s shaming weakness and fragility in Whites. And we don’t want that, because it hurts us too. Next time you’re fired for someone else’s mistake, realize it’s because someone who thinks like Karen did it to you. A coward.

Karens do as much harm to white males, trying to prove they aren’t a racist by pointing the finger at someone else, particular in hr departments and management, as they do to the blacks that they pathetically fail to hold their ground against.

Comments on Blackface

: June 27, 2020

I could see the argument that if someone does black face, perhaps they should get a social penalty for it (that’s up for debate) if it’s happening right now.

If you dig it up from 10 years ago, then no, there should be no penalty for that, and only an idiot would cancel someone or terminate them from employment over that, or a coward who caves into some mob.

If you say there is no statute of limitations on a behavior like black face, you’re saying that it’s worse than rape in some states and as bad as murder. That’s a bit ridiculous. It’s at most similar to a dui or drug possession in how bad it is.

Boomers and Millennials

: June 27, 2020

I dislike millennials, but I hate baby boomers more.

millennials aren’t leftists in terms of actual abstract theories of class struggle, they’re cry babies who grew up in an era where you could lose the game and still get a medal for participating.

but boomers have totally thrown the younger generation under the bus. Even though the stereotype is that millennials are cry babies, boomers threw ALL of us under the bus – even those of us who aren’t that way.

Marx’s Letter to Lincoln (Slavery and Wage Slavery)

: June 26, 2020

Marx compared slavery to wage slavery, saying that whites “choose their masters.” This was in a letter to Abraham Lincoln.

So pick a side – someone who hates White Workers or supporter of Karl Marx. You can’t be both.

“While the workingmen, the true political powers of the North, allowed slavery to defile their own republic, while before the Negro, mastered and sold without his concurrence, they boasted it the highest prerogative of the white-skinned laborer to sell himself and choose his own master, they were unable to attain the true freedom of labor, or to support their European brethren in their struggle for emancipation; but this barrier to progress has been swept off by the red sea of civil war.”