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The Fairy Tale of Moral Superiority and Jim Crow

: February 27, 2020

If old boomers and the younger members of the generation before them ended segregation due to poor operational performance, then they cannot claim either economic or moral superiority to their ancestors. The reason that Jim Crow was taken down was not moral but practical. The official reason was that separate but equal wasn’t really equal. My point – the people didn’t really outperform the previous group just because they ended segregation. By their own admission, it was due to poor performance.

If segregation was working great but it was ended in the name of human unity, then a case could be made that early boomers and late silent generation members had it together both morally and economically. But what happened is that the trains didn’t run on time so they gave up on it – which shows neither moral courage nor technical skill. Which discredits the group, especially when it tries to preach its moral purity on being against racism while invading Iraq and laying off countless people but “at least it isn’t racist.”

If you follow my line of thinking, the great evil of jim crow wasn’t that it had racial groups but that it didn’t seriously give one of the racial groups a decent chance. But overall, that doesn’t mean that all whites had it great. But the key thing here is that people who ended Jim Crow weren’t moral crusaders who did it for benevolent reasons, but just people who didn’t have it together.

In some ways the people who ended segregation are like involuntary celebrates. They wanted a system that had two racial groups, but couldn’t run it properly. They then pretend that it’s a moral “choice.” Of course there are also people who choose to not be sexually active.

edit: Some commentary. This article is a good one. I pretty thoroughly discredited the idea that the people who ended Jim Crow have a moral highground to beat down younger people, even if in the name of accusing those younger people of being racist.

In fact, this article is a damn bullseye. It’s really a jugular cut to older people who run around committing economic injustices but then excuse themselves by opposing white nationalism on the internet.

They may point out that they made immigration easier. But they did that for cheap labor, again no moral highground.

Millennials and Boomers – A Probation Analogy

: February 25, 2020

What people are conceding is that if millennials turn out, Sanders will defeat Trump. But if they do about what they did in 2016, Trump may squeak by. And in that scenario of low turnout Biden is a sure bet to beat Trump while Sanders is on shaky grounds.

But i do believe millennials are going to turn out.

My analogy would be being on probation. when on probation, you have the option of following the rules, or basically fleeing the area and “going on the run.” What’s happened is that millennials have played by the rules of baby boomers but have been treated like lower class citizens at best. And as a generation, millenials have decided to declare war on the probation department instead of following its rules. This is of course an analogy, not a call for people to go on the run and not report to probation.

Millennials will take the war to the ballot box, when previously they would have stepped down and “cooperated” with Baby Boomers.

The 1% isn’t White, the 99% isn’t non-white

: February 25, 2020

The best way I can put it is that if you think the people who marched in charlottesville are the “ruling class” (they are ideologically flawed) and Barack Obama is an oppressed person, you have a pretty serious ideological flaw.

Because all you will do is frustrate already frustrated working class whites and change the race of the power structure without changing how it behaves.

The saying is that antisemitism is the socialism of fools. Bashing white people is the socialism of liberal Democrats who are afraid to go against corporate power.

The Cold War, Millennials and the Election

: February 25, 2020

I’ll say this now. Republicans are a little too confident that cold war politics will make Bernie’s “Socialism” a campaign ender. Young people don’t care about the cold war, they’re hurting economically and they don’t want to see more milton friedman and ronald reagan.

Everyone knows that there are authoritarian capitalist societies and more democratic social welfare societies.

If Bernie does win, I think some Republicans are really going to have their world crash down around them.

Mixing Music and the Economy (an analogy)

: February 25, 2020

Music isn’t just about volume it’s about volume and sonic qualities at certain frequencies. Saying the economy is strong is a lot like saying the volume is turned up high. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain frequencies in your mix that are at low volume or that have annoying chalkboard sounding sonic qualities at those volumes. It doesn’t mean that everything is panned correctly to the right and left speaker. All people who don’t understand class conflict can do is tell you that the volume is being turned up.

that’s why Trump won’t ride the economy to reelection.

Biden and Unions

: February 25, 2020

I’m convinced that unions need to be much bigger, much more aggressive and much more openly at war with corporations. I just saw an interview with Biden, and his dad told him that the only thing that can stop business tyrants is power stopping power. In other words corporations will exploit you and it’s kill or be killed.

I totally 100% agree and I’m glad to hear that from Biden. There’s no place for right to work laws or believing that being a nice person will work in business. Might makes right and people have to know that if they fuck with you, you will hurt them.

Biden’s Error

: February 25, 2020

Where Biden is making a mistake is that most Democrats support Obama meaning if we went back in time and it was Obama vs McCain they’d vote for Obama again. But they don’t support him THAT much, that because Sanders is different from him that Sanders is sort of like committing a heresy. Obama is supported relative to his era, but not universally. Just like most people would vote for Bill Clinton again in 1992 and Jimmy Carter again in the 70s, but they still don’t support Clinton THAT much.

Just like most Republicans support Ronald Reagan relative to his time, but if you started pointing out the differences between Reagan and Trump, they wouldn’t say “What, he disagrees with Reagan, I’m not supporting him.”

My only problem with Obama was that he let Clinton influence him. It was the Libya thing. If it wasn’t for the Libya thing I would be okay with Obama. Biden was the voice of reason in his administration. I also think arguments could be made against his “bail out” during the great recession.

On Blaming Baby Boomers

: February 23, 2020

My tactics are divisive and ugly but they will work. Boomers are a well deserved foil. Extreme changes often have a group that is blamed, whether it be the business class, the monarchy, jews, whatever. But I think Boomers actually really deserve what I’m giving them.

I’m such a moral guy, because I target a group who really deserves it.

I viscerally and in a deep seated way despise baby boomers, corporate bullshit and brown nosing and Indian nepotism.

Sanders, Trump and the Color Barrier

: February 23, 2020

After Nevada, Sanders has broke the color barrier. In 2016 Sanders was like Trump or Buttigieg or Warren in that he could only get white votes.

The way Bernie did it was that in areas that are majority black or brown, bernie essentially lets them run their own affairs. He doesn’t have white staff in those areas. Success proves him right here.

I’m not sure why Trump is complimenting Bernie. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s dumb enough to believe that he’ll have the advantage over Bernie, because he can call Bernie socialist (Trump will have long odds against Bernie) or if it’s because Putin favors Bernie (which doesn’t bother me).

I agreed with various people that Bernie might not win the primary, but I didn’t agree that if he does win, then Trump will win in a landslide. I think if he really wins this thing Trump is in danger of receiving a landslide.

He needed non-white support to lock the nomination but now he’s getting it.
Now, if bernie won the nomination but biden got all the black votes, then i’d say maybe the general would be close. but with bernie getting non-white votes, i don’t think it’s going to be close.

Reverse Racism

: February 23, 2020

Reverse racism can be enacted by non-whites and it can be enacted by ethnic outsider whites against other whites.

But usually the cause of it is a desire to be even handed. It’s like a kid’s soccer game, where the ref is the dad of one of the people playing. He may make a bunch of bullshit calls against his kid to prove that he isn’t favoring his kid.

Whatever causes it, it’s a real problem and white millennials have to stand up to it, whether or not Bernie agrees.

It can’t be permissible for big corporations to run around looking to fire white workers to prove “i’m one of the good guys, I”m a good baby boomer. I’m not a racist.” Those white workers must have a voice and if bernie isn’t the voice it won’t stop me.