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Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Ideal)

: July 24, 2018

The aim of this post is to show the pros/cons of facebook and twitter and suggest that possible a new social network is needed.


The Kyle/Ventura Issue

: July 22, 2018

Libeling/Slandering Jesse Ventura and disrespecting the dead from other countries.  This is the real problem I had with Chris Kyle and American Sniper, along with his tendency to fabricate (including his own kill count, his sniping during hurricane Katrina etc.)  We should use the word Lie with a capital “L.”  To do anything else is to disrespect Jesse Ventura.  We should not care if this offends Kyle’s supporters, organizations that claim to support veterans or facebook friends.


ThePhora’s Ideological Shift

: July 22, 2018

I had a previous extensive conflict with thephora.net.  People will say that you cannot have a conflict with a forum, only with individuals.  However, it was a tight nit forum with mod lounges and with members who all communicated via email.  It was not a forum like politicsforum where everyone was an individual, but an organized forum.

I notice that thephora has turned into a blatantly right wing forum, when it used to be more of a left-right synthesis back then.   The same can be said about its founder who was kicked off, Hunter Wallace / Fade the Butcher / Prozium who now runs Occidental Dissent.


Washington and Jefferson Today

: July 22, 2018

The American revolution was a revolution against British imperialism.  At that time period and era, it was pretty much a White revolution and putting all the ethnic groups under one Government was not something that was yet being considered.

Let us leave aside the race issue, because it is a different era.  Back then Indians, Blacks and Whites were so culturally different that living together was more difficult than it is today.   We can speculate that it is possible that the founding father would be fine with an eventual multi-racial society, but we cannot prove.

However, we can almost certainly guarantee that they did not predict that corporate totalitarianism detailed on this blog.   When they talked about freedom and liberty, they did not intend for the working people have those freedoms and liberties taken away in the name of market forces.  “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” sure seems to be referring to the freedom of people and not the freedom of markets.   Washington, Jefferson and the founding fathers revolted against British imperialism.   It is sure logical to believe that they would likely have opposed the corporatocracy and American imperialism of today.

Corporate Bribery

: July 22, 2018

Someone I know explained the mentality behind a war on terror supporting person as not caring if every middle eastern country got blown up. He was not endorsing it, he was explaining it after discussing it with the father of someone he knew from when I played sports in elementary school.

Well my mentality is that I could not care if every corporation got blown up and think welfare, benefits, everything should be free. I could not care if the entire corporate economy sank.

I firmly believe that big corporations are sitting there awash in cash and just giving out money to people as a bribe to sort of keep them in line. Only a small number of people contribute real value, as in write the programming code, keep the systems up, enter the data etc.

The unwritten rule is that if you step out of line politically you get fired

Lenin, Stalin and Imperialist Non-Collaboration

: July 22, 2018

Right wingers, in their attempts to justify continually attacking the Bolsheviks while supporting Russia today, are promoting misinformation about the actual beliefs of “The Bolsheviks.”  They are also implying that because Russia “overthrew” (notice the quotes) Communism, that essentially American imperialism is like a second attack on Russia with Communism being the first.  The implication is that if the Bolsheviks, if they were here today, would support American imperialism against Russia.

Yet only Leon Trotsky (the former Menshevik who was later expelled from the party) possibly would have taken such position, because there is a consistent difference between the views of Stalin/Lenin and the views of Trotsky.  Trotsky thought if a regime could be labeled nazi, fascist, or something else bad, that it was okay to side with the imperialism of the major capitalist powers against it.  Had he stuck a “bad” label on Putin, it is possible that he would side with American imperialism.

Lenin and then Stalin, however, strictly opposed supporting the imperialism of a capitalist power against any regime, even if the regime was reactionary, class divided etc. Stalin eventually sided with US against Hitler in self-defense, but until he was attacked, opposed siding with major capitalist powers.

Lenin today would oppose American imperialism against Russia. His writings do not suggest that imperialism should be allied with against non-marxist regimes. Mao and others believed that the targets of imperialism often have a common interest in the short term between the bourgeoisie and proletariat/peasantry. The immediate goal is to free the target of imperialism. It is short term.

Bipartisan War Machine

: July 21, 2018

Those of us who became politically conscious during the George W Bush Junior administration may have at first thought that to be Republican was to support perpetual war and to be Democrat was to oppose it.  Bush was very obvious in supporting military aggression from the United States.

The truth is that George HW Bush Senior fought a major fight with Patrick Buchanan within the Republican Party and Buchanan’s mentality was basically that the united States should not be involved in these interactions overseas.  There are other Republicans like him, such as Ron Paul and to a lesser extent Rand Paul.  While Donald Trump certainly is not of the mindset of Buchanan or Ron Paul and did airstrike Syria, it can be said that he is less aggressive than Bush based on his current record.


Leftist Economics vs. Liberal Antiracism

: July 18, 2018

I am not endorsing policies that forcibly segregate Whites from Blacks or any assimilated native group from any other assimilated native group.  Never would I suggest that Whites be banned from certain areas of the city or Blacks banned from the country side.


What I am doing is showing that the fix to everything is economic.   Imagine a society with a universal basic income, where everyone had housing, where the luck of the roulette wheel that gives you a good job was no longer the most important thing in making sure you can cover your bills.   In that society, if someone chanted “white power,” it would not harm anybody.   It would essentially be a speech concern with no ability to cause negative impact on a target.


Far Left Far Right Synthesis

: July 17, 2018

Around the year 2007, 2008, the idea of a far left far right synthesis was popular.   These days it is not very popular and I have some opinions about why this contrast exists.  The short cliff note : the “right wingers” who proposed the idea were simply adapting to the audience around them at the time and were not interested in truly understanding the far left ideas.   When the audience changed, they then sought to approval of stormfront.org style posters and thus engaged in the sort of sloganeering and low brow content associated with the right wing.  These people do not want to understand the difference between a leftist and a liberal, the difference between various philosophies and ideas within the left.   They simply want to say “bolshevik this, bolshevik that.”

…… to be continued

Circumstances around the Romanov Execution

: July 16, 2018

An important issue around the execution of the Imperial Family (of which today is the anniversary) is whether it was ordered out by local people around the Ural area or by the orders of an important Bolshevik figure (Such as Stalin, Lenin and “Trotsky”).  At the time Trotsky was important, even though criticisms can be made about him later.

The sources seem to be at a stalemate.   Some people claim they can prove that Lenin ordered the execution of the entire family (they cannot prove this), other people are unsure and hedge and others claim to know that it is impossible that Lenin ordered the killing and claim that Lenin instead wanted to have a trial for only Nicholas and not his family.