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Don’t Let People Drag You

: February 6, 2021

When I was younger I thought that maybe my social awareness was off, but now I don’t think that’s true.
I think what it is, is that I’m very goal driven, my direction is forward, towards destinations. Other people are very circular, they’re more about horizontal connections.
I’ve seen females socialize before when I fell asleep on a chair and woke up and they thought I was still asleep. The way they gossiped and talked – it was totally different like they enjoyed all just talking about nothing.
I’m smart enough to realize that getting dragged into someone else’s circle isn’t in my interest. I’d rather drive a tiny bike than sit on a merry go around that’s big.
I’m actually not socially unskilled, I just know what I’m doing.

Why I Make Music

: February 5, 2021

With the music, I can take my ability to produce, arrange, use devices, articulate messages, create conditional branches (side chaining plugins) and modify and basically say fuck you to the corporate world instead of using my skills for them. That’s the real motive. It’s not chasing a dream, it’s flipping you off.

Another Way to Use the Internet

: February 1, 2021

You should consider doing one of two things.
1) Joining a community like wordpress.com and making a blog on their hosted site.
2) Securing your own domains and setting up your own websites and blogs.
Now, it’s a bit different than facebook or instragram, because generally speaking, blog posts don’t get these instant reactions. I don’t get the reactions anyways because I’m male, I posted controversial things and I at one point added people I didn’t know, making facebook angry and restricting me.
But, if you learn to control a website or blog, even though it isn’t spammed out to 2000 classmates, if you put it in the right place, it can have an impact. For instance people may google your name and read your blog and you can use it to counter bad things written about you or make your pitch.
And the thing is, that if you’re into this blog style posting, twitter is the best social network. You just have to be willing to link outside when your posts get too big – I think twitter should directly integrate or merge with wordpress or something like it, to cut out the middleman.
Facebook does allow longer posts, but the audience and discussions it cultivates tend not to be the sort of discussions that one would find in the blogging and forum world.

I do have a real name blog, but I limit my posts there and use this to not “knock them down” on the real name blog.

A Boomer-Titanic Analogy

: January 30, 2021

It’s almost like if the titanic sunk, boomers will pin it right on racism because there are blacks and browns on the ship and totally ignore that white people of a later generation also sunk.

On Service

: January 30, 2021

I’ll be very objective things.
I get why someone would want to serve.
I don’t think anyone with my knowledge about what is happening on a global scale would want to serve.
If you really believe corporations are just running the country and throwing people around like pawns – that conflicts are being instigated without good reason – that would affect your attitude.

Moving Beyond the Cradle

: January 30, 2021

Everyone has to have that point where they move beyond their cradle so to speak. If you haven’t done that, you’ve really got to. I do think going to a private school in high school started it.
But what really completed it was my experiences online on internet forums.
At first, I tried to get under the skin of other people. There was a lot of arguing and fighting. Because we were not using real names, we were playing a lot of personas. And I actually was sort of trying to shelter school classmates away.
But then I realized one day “what are we fighting for.”
We all want free speech.
We mostly all oppose the wars.
We mostly all oppose reverse discrimination.
We mostly all oppose corporatism and big business.
And I think that’s when the cocoon really broke, if going to a private school didn’t quite totally break it.
Like why I am fighting with a bunch of people, because I want to shelter other people? What am I actually fighting over?

What I want Out of Social Media

: January 30, 2021

I want a controlled environment, although I do want people posting different opinions. I don’t want to use social media to drag myself through a centralized algorithm that’s going to get likes on my posts. I think the algorithm (on facebook for example) is not processing me anyways.
I don’t believe in extended friendships. I may be friends with Tom. Tom may be friends with Joe. I may not like Joe.
You can run in different circles than me, but if you can’t balance that, it’s not going to work as a friendship. You’ve got to evaluate yourself and determine if you can balance. I’d rather a clear ending of the friendships than fence stuff.

You have to Break Away

: January 28, 2021

 I’m not someone who is prejudiced against people who didn’t go to college. But, if you didn’t ever break away from your elementary and middle school, whether it’s going to a private school, whether it’s joining the military and not being an obnoxious flag waver who talks pro-bush politics, whether it’s moving out of town, or building an online community, or starting a band or somehow breaking away – I just found that these people who live in the past are bad friends.

It’s like they never got over 8th grade.

Views on Military and Veterans and Boxing People

: January 25, 2021

I think my views on veterans and the military would come back to the boxing thing I was talking about on other social media (putting people in boxes). I’m honestly not the kind of the person who is going to be falling over saying “thank you,” but on the other hand,  I view you as who you are and someone who happened to serve. Just like you might have been a truck driver. But your occupation doesn’t define you.

Expectations and Introversion

: January 25, 2021

My expectations for humanity are just so low, that nothing can really deeply offend me because I’ve seen everything. But as a double edged sword, I’m also quite willing to drop out of social groups or terminate relationships because my default state is introversion and I’m skeptical of others.