Boomers ruin Merit

| November 13, 2018

I’m a firm believer now that a person brings their talent to an organization as opposed to the organization “training” the talent. Accordingly, a highly skilled person working in a mom and pop shop will always be a superior talent to a mass flood Indian working at Microsoft. It’s because of that, that I can […]

“Free Market” Disenfranchising

| September 26, 2018

Monopoly capitalism works to disenfranchise political dissidents by applying pressure on those few employers who go against the grain. Pressure can be applied by supply chains, banks, business to business clients, “boycotts.” People will actually find out where you work when you keep it secret and don’t tell anyone and then call up the employer […]

Right Wing Disagreement

| August 3, 2018

I disagree with the right wing on two points: I think alliances should be built with non-Whites, using common class interests as part of the logic and do not think knowledge that Jews have influence over the media should be cause to turn negative against Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, non-complicit Jews etc I am aware of […]

How I Got to Here

| July 30, 2018

As someone who does not place himself as part of the “alternative right” or follow pop culture such as the Matrix, I do not use terms like “red pill,” “virtue signaling,” “cuck” etc.   It is a fair point of topic as to how I arrived at my current views and it was not a “red […]

Human Nature and Free Markets (tweet sized)

| July 30, 2018

I’d argue that the biggest defenders of free market don’t understand human nature and don’t understand that selfish people will find ways to harm others if they can profit from it. They essentially count on the idea that people who end up at the top will be good people.

Judaic Lobby vs. Russian Lobby (in Media)

| July 29, 2018

The list of people who got fired from corporate media for either criticizing Israel or opposing the drum beats to the Iraq war is quite long. If anyone dares to question this, I can set them straight by actually posting the information. Yet people at the highest level of media openly accuse Russians of information […]

Diversity, Pluralism, Multiculturalism, Media

| July 29, 2018

The media keeps talking about pluralism, multiculturalism and diversity. What they mean by this is that Americans should accept more immigration. When it comes to another type of diversity – internationally listening to Russian Media, Syrian Media, Korean Media – suddenly diversity and pluralism is not good anymore. As soon as an external viewpoint has […]

Arms of an Octopus

| July 26, 2018

This is not done and I will return to finish it, but wanted to leave something for the people who read this blog — The powers that be want white people to be wrapped up in stupid flag waving and military worship, while they want non-whites to be obsessed with their own race instead of […]

“Support the Troops?”

| July 25, 2018

There are two irreconcilable and opposite groups which both claim to support the troops. One groups is the “pep rally” crowd.  These people basically like to wave the American flag and raw raw cheer the machine.   Their favorite President is George W Bush.  Their favorite book is American Sniper.  They are basically “yes men” / […]

Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Ideal)

| July 24, 2018

The aim of this post is to show the pros/cons of facebook and twitter and suggest that possible a new social network is needed.