Assessment on Iran, Trump and the Arab world

It’s not enough to tell people that Iran is an enemy of al Qaeda and ISIS and therefore hurting one helps the other, because they’ll respond by saying that crips and bloods don’t like each other but we oppose both of them.

It’s more reasonable to admit that Iran does try to control Arab countries (Iran is not actually Arab by ethnicity), but to frame this as an unnecessary escalation because the American troops he may have wanted to kill should be taking a plane flight right to America.

Also, according to Jill Stein’s posts, the way they killed him was that they told him there was a diplomatic meeting then killed him when he came to the meeting. That is pretty low. If I was Iran I would say fuck America and build a Nuke, at least as long as Trump is in power. The nuclear deal was working, keeping enrichment at non-weapon levels and Trump is just an attention whore.

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