Another Way to Use the Internet

: February 1, 2021

You should consider doing one of two things.
1) Joining a community like and making a blog on their hosted site.
2) Securing your own domains and setting up your own websites and blogs.
Now, it’s a bit different than facebook or instragram, because generally speaking, blog posts don’t get these instant reactions. I don’t get the reactions anyways because I’m male, I posted controversial things and I at one point added people I didn’t know, making facebook angry and restricting me.
But, if you learn to control a website or blog, even though it isn’t spammed out to 2000 classmates, if you put it in the right place, it can have an impact. For instance people may google your name and read your blog and you can use it to counter bad things written about you or make your pitch.
And the thing is, that if you’re into this blog style posting, twitter is the best social network. You just have to be willing to link outside when your posts get too big – I think twitter should directly integrate or merge with wordpress or something like it, to cut out the middleman.
Facebook does allow longer posts, but the audience and discussions it cultivates tend not to be the sort of discussions that one would find in the blogging and forum world.

I do have a real name blog, but I limit my posts there and use this to not “knock them down” on the real name blog.

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