Three Political Factions

: December 9, 2020

The main political factions in the us:
1) people who think all white success is systemic racism
2) people who really believe corporations are rigging the game (and not because they’re pro-white)
3) people who outright support corporations

3 = republicans 1= liberals 2=moderates

Liberals of the coastal elite types – not centrist, working class democrats – see a white person overcome an obstacle and think it’s an example of white privilege and systemic racism. I had obstacles thrown at me left and right my entire career, and liberal bigots made it worse.

Every time I lost a job and then found another one, it was systemic racism. I never should have been hired again, and only the extreme racism of the employers themselves would cause that (sarcasm). Actually, the deck was stacked the entire time against me.

I think people are going to realize that you can’t have the support of people who think the main problem is rich people getting over on poor, and people who think racism against non-whites is the main problem, both at the same time. Is firing whites and replacing them a solution?

Liberals want racial minorities’ identity politics to replace class based antagonisms. So you’re poor, you’re laid off 5 times in a 10 year career, but at least you support black lives matter, so you’re really making a difference.

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