Market Socialism vs. Demand Side Economics

: November 26, 2020

Market socialism is a form of economics where state powers oversee all market institutions, but market activities are still permissible with the mixed economic activity of state actors in those institutions.  If I lived in China or Cuba I might be for market socialism, but not in America.  This is America.

The big difference between Demand Side Economics and market socialism is that demand side economics still allow the businesses and private sector to pretty much operate unmolested.  However, what it is does is takes the position that poverty isn’t a personal responsibility or “your fault” and then takes active measures to get people up to median income without causing inflation, including circumventing the federal reserve without raising taxes via currency creation, which not only helps these left behind people who were thrown under the bus in the name of globalism, but which also helps the businesses who are stacking shelves higher and higher with nobody to cleanse their inventory reserves.  And if you follow my plan, it does it without raising taxes – even on the most wealthy.

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