Why Anti-Russia

: November 25, 2020

I honestly think the reason urban Jews dislike Russia so much, is that it almost appeared, it looked from the outside like they would take over it, and then Stalin stopped it. But it wasn’t really Stalin. You can’t subvert the ethnic group that creates the culture.

There’s no real explanation for being anti-Russian other than the outsized influence of Jewish migrants from Russia who are still soar that the Russian population didn’t allow a complete takeover. Saudi Arabia and Israel are also not western democracies.

If i went to Russia, I would be pro-russian. if I went to china, I’d be pro chinese. If i want to Saudi Arabia, I’d be pro Arab. I can’t imagine hating on the majority ethnic group who created the country I’m living in. And in America, the majority group is White.

The only reason the reset with russia didn’t work is that Obama sold out to the foreign policy establishment and I can’t give Clinton a pass because she was there “we came, we saw, he died.” That was kind of my final straw on voting for her.

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