Throwing Working Class Under the Bus

: November 23, 2020

I understand what the problem has always been, in America and Russia.  Take socialism in Russia, or take the Democratic Party in America.

To an assimilated person, it’s about economic populism, programs to help the poor.

To a cosmopolitan it’s about preventing racism.

The alliance between working class people and ethnic outsiders collapses.

In Russia Stalin thought socialism meant helping the poor, while Trotsky that it meant internationalism and cosmopolitanism.

edit: I’ve never been more convinced than I am now that people who are promoting the identity politics of minorities aren’t allies with people who promote the working class and poor.

Liberals mask themselves as champions of class conflict who want to help poor people, when they’re actually trying to manage society so that it doesn’t grow roots. Conservative Democrats should be unapologetically anti-liberal to the point that people accuse them of being republicans.

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