Comments on Censorship

: November 19, 2020

The problem I see with shutting down extremist content, is that it’s very easy for a group to dishonestly gerrymander the line such that reasonable content is also out. The guy who is plotting the extermination of Jews is used to justify shutting someone who operates legally.

For instance, what if i was to make a big deal about Obama’s background with Louis Farrakhan, or Biden’s comments on busing. And then let’s say Farrakhan or a southern conservative did something violent. It’s the same standard for white people on the internet.

I could easily seen an organization like the adl or splc using the threat of 1 extremist to monitor a bunch of people who might agree on some points but aren’t complicit in the actions. Then bully people for being knowledgeable about something politically incorrect.

edit: Finally what I just laid out is already happening and it’s why the country has shifted to the right. People are tired of corporations trying to enforce political correctness, in particular, younger industries like IT showing their wokeness by terminating employees.

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