Another Way

: November 15, 2020

If you don’t agree with Republican Reaganomics, and you don’t agree with Liberal “racially sensitive” capitalism – there is a third way – my way. It allows people the option of working, a public option, that doesn’t involve a supply chain of reserves, banks, finally employees.

So if you don’t like liberal solutions that center around racism and sexism and you don’t like big business controlling everything, my way is the way. Support my advocacy and be a conservative Democrat.

My basic premise is that if you just let people work for the government it would cut a lot of the bullshit and politics out of it. But then people can still work private sector, once the wages and conditions improve and the employers cut the political bullshit that discriminates, often against Whites by the way.

edit: My policy could basically be called “state/federal/city” jobs for anyone who wants it. Yes I know, dumb, incompetent people would get employed. It’s better than them garage hopping and robbing houses.

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