On White Supremacism

: November 13, 2020

The reason that college campus types, the radical progressives on racial issues, feel like they’re not listened to is because their whole ideology is hypocritical. Here you are speaking english, running in a white created political system, indulging in our economy system and yet you remind everyone constantly how morally puritan you are, how America is illegitimate. Well guess what, go live in an Indian tribe then. You play into the “White Supremacist” system you bash all day, then you try to ruin the careers of the brutally honest.

I feel that by the mere participation in society, you’re already a white supremacist. Are you honest with yourself about that or not?  America has an assimilationist white supremacism, not a segregationists, separatist white privilege. Non-white people are also white supremacists.

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