Partisanship Explanation

: November 8, 2020

I have an explanation for the increased partisanship. Basically, until about the year 2007 or so, trickle down economics appeared to be moderately successful. Just by the decisions business made, the greed wasn’t as transparent.

And so Democrats kind of acted like Republicans. There was a time between 1980 and 2007 where you really couldn’t tell a Democrat from a Republican.

What happened is it became very obvious that it wasn’t working and now Republicans and Democrats both think it’s not working but have opposite ideas to fix it. Democrats want Government to get involved, Republicans want to get it out and think the free market, just given a little more space, can fix it. It’s the failing economic system that only grows at the top that is dividing.

Democrats themselves are divided by liberals and people who are more focused on econmics.

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