The Young Will Barnstorm The Election

: November 2, 2020

Since 2004 and probably before, people have been promoting this idea that young voters will overwhelm and barnstorm the election. IT NEVER HAPPENS. You need to convert reasonable conservatives to vote Democrat. Read this Scarborough country transcript:

“SCARBOROUGH:  I saw all these young college kids.  I was inspired by how much they loved Howard Dean, by how much they loved the political process.  And I saw that all the blogging and all of the youth support did not, in the end, did not interpret to real votes in 2004.

Now, they may in 2008, but they did not this year.  And John Kerry was left standing at the altar by young voters, by the 527s, by the bloggers, by all these people who were going to revolutionize it.  In the end, it was those evangelical Christians that Karl Rove started looking for four years ago that helped put him over. “

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