Democratic Party Tent

: October 28, 2020

Almost everything Biden does, even his VP selection, is based on expanding the tent. And the key is the people in the tent have to know they’re in the same tent, though they may be in different corners of the tent. One may be a cultural conservative, another a liberal.


I think a lot of Republicans don’t understand how Democrat politics work.They don’t understand that Democrats sort of make a tent and then the grow the tent bigger, and bigger, and’s not like Republicans, who sort of centralize their ideology and operate like a vanguard.So Kamala in a vp slot is the same thing Kennedy, Kerry, Bill Clinton did with their vp selections – expanded the tent.

A lot of on the fence people need to be educated that Democrats don’t operate with a vanguard structure, where everyone agrees on a top down ideology and it’s kept pure. Democrats are more based on diversity, including ideological. So there’s no trojan horse, just a bigger tent.

The way American politics works is that if you’re not a Republican and want to run for office, you have to then debate your ideology as a Democrat. Republicans have a fixed ideology and it doesn’t change.

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