The Ultimate Post on Politics

: October 20, 2020

I can kill four birds with one stone.

And answer the questions
1) Why are there no successful third parties
2) how are Republicans and Democrats different
3) What is the problem with woke Democrats
4) What is the problem with Reagan Democrats
in one post

What you have to understand is that it’s not that the Republicans are conservative and the Democrats are liberal. It’s that Democrats are a “big tent” party and have been since their founding, in which the Republicans were a faction inside of the Democrats. They were a big tent during civil rights, the civil war, Vietnam. Never will they not be a big tent. Liberals are out of line to try to drive conservatives away and don’t understand the heritage of the party – a party where multiple groups are rolled into one and everybody debates.

And because of this political pacman effect, to quote Guy Benson, Democrats eat up all the third parties.

Republicans on the other hand have a pretty rigid and narrow ideological idea. Pro economic expansion, pro increasing gdp, pro business. The social issues are just window dressing to them.

I support New Deal Democrat policies, with a more modern twist.

Reagan Democrats tried to make Democrats into a liberal version of the Republican Party. Basically an abortion supporting, gun banning party that is pro big business. That’s the problem. They tried to be like Republicans. Woke Democrats are just people who are extremely politically ignorant – they could not pass a high school class on politics.

Reagan Democrats failed to understand that Republicans are just using social issues so they tried to mirror these issues in opposite stances, not realizing that it’s REALLY about economics.

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