The Few

: October 19, 2020

When you’re learning about economics in college, in the business side of an information systems degree, Republican free market ideas sound really persuasive and logical. But when you get in the real world, you realize all they do is concentrate power in the hands of a few. With modern technology, it’s even more dangerous – “the few” can all be on facebook messaging each other.

The abstract idea of a free market – stem skills rise to the top, the best product wins. The reality – human beings concentrate power and monopoly wins. That’s what hardcore Reaganites don’t get.

It’s 1991 and we’re in the Soviet Union, but this time the ideology is Reagan’s capitalism, not Socialism. It’s about to crack.

We can view Trump as Reaganism in decay. It was an extreme authoritarian reaction to the decay of Reaganism.

We must defend the free speech rights of Trump supporters. Trump supporters must not be fired from jobs, kicked off of networks. Made to suffer financially. We should be better to them than establishment neoliberals were to us.

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