Immigration Reflection 2020

: October 18, 2020

They say Boris Johnson won because people don’t just want economic stability, they also want cultural stability. I think this is true. It’s also why Sanders lost the primary. He went a bit off the deep end on immigration. He appeared not to want to exercise caution on immigration.

edit: There was an element who saw Trump’s meanness and cruelty and took it as a green light to impose a very radical agenda on immigration. Get rid of ice. That sort of thing. Sanders didn’t start it, it started underground, but it was more fringe though. I knew it was a loser.

I honestly think, and this is harsh, but Sanders would have lost to Trump and Biden is going to beat Trump. Sanders would have not distanced himself from antifa even more than Biden hasn’t distanced himself from it. He would be cheering it on when some violent crime happens as a revolution grass roots thing.

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