Electoral College Debate

: October 17, 2020

Different areas of the country have different economies. I can see the argument for not getting rid of the electoral college. We don’t want certain industries ignored because they’re located in less populated areas. We also don’t want urban views forced on rural America.   For instance urban and rural people have different interests with guns, regulation etc. We don’t want that getting mixed up.

Argument for keeping the electoral college:
-Protects rural America. You’re always going to have at least 1 party trying to represent rural America. We’ll never have a situation where rural interests are just totally ignored in both parties.
-It prevents extreme ideologies, because you have to win close “swing states.” Something like defund the police won’t win in a swing state.

-To make an analogy, In a best of 7 series in sports, the team that scores more points doesn’t win. The team that wins more games wins

=The founders set up the electoral college precisely to avoid a “liberal elite” or a basically mob style of thinking where educational elites basically lead a bunch of brainwashed people.


Argument for getting rid of it:
-Can win popular vote, but lose election.


Here’s the real question about the electoral college. Should a candidate who more evenly distributes his votes gain an advantage over one who might have slightly more, but gets them in a few ultra dense areas?
I think the answer to that is yes. I’m not for abolishing it.
Democrats need to speak to white rural people instead of trying to take them out of it.

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