Populist Democrats, Liberal Democrats, Republicans

: October 15, 2020

I have previously pointed to a division within the Democratic Party between class based leftists and supporters of woke capitalism.

To explain the difference between these factions, consider a situation where you have a factory and the packers are being paid 9 dollars an hours, managers are being paid 11.   There are 50 employees.   6 of them are Black.  Of the Blacks, 1 is a floor manager, the rest are packers.   There are 5 floor managers who are white.

Republicans would see nothing wrong about this.  Whether they’re Libertarian or Conservative, they unite on economics and differ only on social issues.

The Liberal and the Populist Conservative Democrat would both agree that something is wrong, however that’s where the similarities end.

To the populist conservative Democrat, the problem is that the big business owners are underpaying the workers.  To the liberal Democrat, the problem is that the floor managers are in a racist conspiracy with the stockholders to promote “white privilege” and that not enough Blacks are managers.  They conclude this without looking at other variables like performance, work ethic, skill, tardiness etc., and then push for financial damage and retaliation against anyone who doesn’t reach their same conclusion.

I’m not down with the wokeness.  I’m a populist, socially conservative economically leftist Democrat and not a Reagan Democrat.

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