1st Amendment, Right to Disassociate

: October 15, 2020

I truly believe that if the 1st amendment wasn’t there, people would be passing laws criminalizing the other political party’s ideological positions.

Guess what, we need to expand the 1st amendment so it applies to keeping your job too, if your speech was abstract and off the job.

We also need a right to disassociate. If I go to a BLM rally or a Robert E Lee rally (I did not), I should be able to clarify that I didn’t intend any violence, and that I disassociate myself from the violence – and then not be fired.

edit: People say that we can’t do anything to protect political ideologies. But actually, they said the same thing about sexual orientation and now that’s protected. I honestly just say end the at will doctrine altogether, then people can only be fired for consistent reasons, reasons that are tied to performance, on the job conduct, legality of off the job conduct etc.

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