On Abortion

: October 14, 2020

To a conservative Democrat, the ideal number of abortions is zero.  It is not celebrated. But…

Banning early abortion would be impractical. Unless you plan to put every sexually active women on probation or house arrest, there’s no way you could monitor illegal abortions. And I don’t want that degree of supervision. I’m not willing to have a police state to stop it.

Banning abortion would be a lot like banning suicide.   It doesn’t stop suicide, it just changes the method.  I would still judge someone who gets an abortion as having taken a life.


edit :Extreme right position on abortion: Set up police infrastructure to monitor, catch and prosecute it.

Extreme left: it’s birth control, it’s a human right.
Moderate position: Ideal number of abortions is zero, but no law and order approach.
edit 2:

Nothing in row vs. wade says abortion is a right. It just says privacy needs to be taken into consideration. if we monitor every pregnant women to prevent them from getting abortions, that’s a huge privacy violation – many of which are going to have the baby.

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