Why I’m a Conservative Democrat

: October 3, 2020

Liberals are too easily influenced by what the media tells them. It’s very obvious to anyone who is cynical and intelligent. You see the media promote an angle by what they cover and just as much what they don’t cover, and you see predictable manipulation inside the mob.

However, Republicans are too supportive of free markets over labor activism that seriously builds a safety net for poor people. They think being tough on crime and arresting people can hide the fact that they’ve built an uneven economy and whored for military spending. Arrest their way out of corporate greed. So that’s why I’m a conservative Democrat.


I did shift more Democrat. Here’s the reason. I used to have a belief that the free market was a challenging thing, but a place where if I worked hard and did the right thing – wrote good programming code, told the truth about whether a project would succeed or fail – I would be rewarded for my talent and effort.

I learned that society doesn’t really work like that, and business and politics aren’t really separated. You get hired because of politics and you get fired because of politics. There is little merit anymore.

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