The “Liberal” Democrats and Trump

| October 31, 2020

This is going to sound weird, but I actually think Trump is in the wrong political party. He speaks to the working class, but then he governs like a Republican. I don’t think going all open borders, anti cop, every white person is a racist was the right response to Trump. It wasn’t Obama and […]

The Right to Protest vs Agreeing With Protest

| October 30, 2020

There’s a difference between agreeing with “the right” to protest and agreeing with the protest. I do, 100%, no questions asked, agree with the right to protest all these altercations that resulted in death. I do not, necessarily, take the protestors’ side.

Establishment Problem?

| October 29, 2020

It’s far less that the Democratic Establishment brainwashes extreme liberals, far more that they come off of college campuses and these protests. The Democratic Establishment is reacting to their pressure instead of the other way around. The establishment is not the problem. It’s actually much more a bottom to top problem than it is a […]

Republican Realism

| October 29, 2020

If you’re a successful businessman who wants to get into politics, I totally get being a Republican. You’ve earned your way in the corporate or small business world, and it segues nicely into being a Republican. If you’re not that, I think you’re a bit dull if you think you have a role in the […]

Conservative Democrats

| October 29, 2020

If white cultural conservatives actually voted and advocated for their economic interests, it would be a pretty devastating thing for big business. They really depend on white conservatives propping up the Republican Party.   It would also take out the woke squad, since the majority of people want well funded police.   Two birds with […]

Google, Google, Google

| October 29, 2020

At the 2018 American Water tech conference. The contractors (I was with Infosys) were given this google book days before, a propaganda book on google. Then the CIO just went off “google, google, google.” Zuckerberg’s sister was there. I asked why google? Then basically fired.

A Message to Corporate Bullies

| October 29, 2020

What corporate bullies don’t understand, is that someone who is being pretty low key with their politics, pretty non-aggressive, but maybe a little independent for your tastes, can decide that they’re sick of you political discrimination and then really take the gloves off – and then hurt you politically. I’m a well connected person. You […]

Kasich in Cabinet

| October 29, 2020

If Biden does put Kasich in his administration I would be okay with that. I would hope it’s not in a position where he can touch economic policy, but it would be a signal to the weirdo squad that their culture war isn’t going to be fought on the Democratic Party turf.

“He was a Nice Guy”

| October 29, 2020

I have news for you. When people like Ted Bundy and John Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer are caught, people remark “He was actually a nice guy. I didn’t think he could do it.”   “He was a nice guy” doesn’t mean the police were wrong.

The Truth about Corporations

| October 29, 2020

Corporations mistreat people who they think are socially and politically isolated, as well as legally isolated. They go out of their way to pick on the independent minded person. They don’t ever respect you, so you have to make them fear you.