Corporate Media : Jewish/Gentile Division

: August 28, 2020

This is what you have to understand to understand corporate media. Nothing is black and white, but there are two main factions, one that is White Gentile lead and the other that is Jewish lead.

The White Gentile lead outlet (fox) is pretty much ride or die free markets to the end. They’re extreme corporatists who are obsessed with the constitution and prone to war mongering. Free markets are their Islamic fundamentalism. They totally worship it and will drive white workers into the ground to pursue it. But, they aren’t against the speech of white gentiles, so I do support Tucker Carlson representing.

The Jewish (the outlets except for al jazeera, fox, russia tv usa) one is also profiteering, but they restrain the excesses of capitalism to align with groups like the SPLC and ADL and try to shut down and fire white gentiles, and also promote Israel and get its critics fired. I believe they even try to get average people fired from their day jobs, it’s not just about media.

So they’re both scum and I hate them both, but they’re different and I play both pieces of shit against each other.

Russia TV USA and then al jazeera are really the best news media. And local news like kyw 1060.

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