On Black Lives Matter and Liberal Diversions

: July 29, 2020

Imagine if we were in Russia, but a movement came basically saying that Russians needed to give up their privilege and be more accommodating to Jews, Georgians, Ukrainians etc. This obviously inverts the class position of the average Russian and destroys the revolution.


The purpose of black lives matter, which is a corporate sponsored movement, is to convince young whites that instead of being economic victims of an older generation and corporate greed, that instead, despite their poverty, they’re beneficiaries of white privilege. It’s reactionary.

People need to reject two things:
1) Americaness, patriotism, and flag waving.

2) False solutions like Black Lives Matter.


The liberal diversion technique seems to be to find out the majority or insider ethnic group, and to try to convince members of that group that they’re part of the in group economically because they’re part of the in group racially. Causes Denial of True Class Position.


Liberals try to sustain capitalism by convincing the majority of whites that they’re part of the minority of elites, by creating a sense that these Whites still oppress non-whites. Because it’s trying to make Joe the Plumber into Joe the oppressor, totally opposed to a genuine revolution.

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