Biden, Trump, Cancel Culture and Word Twisting

: June 29, 2020

The way that people are going out of their way to draw equivalencies between Biden and Trump on race should draw a red flag about the cancel culture.

For instance Biden has used the n word in quotation of another person in like 1985, and he said Obama was the first potential black president and that he was clean and articulate. Which doesn’t imply that he’s the first black person to be clean and articulate, just the first who had a chance to be president.

Now see how politically, people are trying to twist as if to say Biden is just as bad as Trump.

It’s for those reasons that we can’t tolerate cancel culture. They take what people say and they twist it, or they bring up stuff that is past the statute or limitation, for political reasons. And employers do this. They try to sacrifice people to prove they aren’t racist.

edit: Biden’s “racial jungle” comment is anti multiculturalism, but it’s necessarily anti black. And it was 1977, far past the statute of limitations in my mind.

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