ADL, Coke, NAACP Boycott Facebook

: June 29, 2020

ADL, NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Common Sense, Free Press & Color Of Change Call For Global Corporations To Pause Advertising On Facebook To Stop Hate Online

I think these people are playing checkers instead of chess. If you really shut down racists ideologically, not just for rule violations, but you said you were going to ban all racists and then you set out to label people as racist – you would strengthen the “white nationalist” movement.

All these forums that are pretty much dead, because people went to facebook and twitter, would grow again.

In fact if you want whites to become organized as whites, I would recommend going on a witch hunt for white racists. And not only that, but having “Jewish organizations” leading the charge on that. Remember that Coke is a pro-Israel corporation, and they’re apparently invoked in the boycott too.

edit: laughing out loud at the idea that facebook has silenced black users for calling out racism. Only an idiot believes that. Now if someone unfriended you that’s not “facebook” that’s their individual decision.

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