The Root of America’s Problem

: June 28, 2020

The core of our problem, in America, is that un-elected people have too much power.

They can determine whether you’re panhandling on the street of living in a mansion. They can determine whether you have decent health insurance or maybe the bronze plan on obamacare paying 1/2 your income for it. They can determine whether you have a real shot going for your next job interview, or if you’re just going to be libeled for petty reasons. They influence our foreign policy, they buy our politicians.

And it’s out of that system that we got our politicians, and it’s out of that same system which Trump came as a political outsider but still an economic insider.

This is the real problem, “Systemic racism” is at most a symptom of this.

I think white people and black people could agree on this if both of us focus on the intellectuals in our respective groups and both of us ignore the people who are against the intellectuals.

Libertarianism has mislead whites. They think being pro free market advances their class position. No it only allows these people to roll you with no consequences.

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