Why we must Fight Back

: June 21, 2020

For a while I was sympathetic to getting rid of offensive historical figures, but then I realized that there’s just no bottom to it and if you let it happen then next they’re going to be going to our employers and demanding we get fired from our jobs. And then we’ll do nothing about it.

But if we start fighting back on this front, we’re going fight against the employment cancelling too. And trust me – they fear angry white people fighting back.

“The mob” doesn’t differentiate between “white supremacists” and whites who disagree with them and we shouldn’t waste time doing anything but fortifying ourselves so that if they should attack us, we will defend ourselves, both in the work place and out of it.

I’m smart enough to know that Trump is a phony, but my issue with Trump was never that he spoke in defense of white marginalized workers. My issue with Trump is that he’s a phony.

Every business is going to get the message – if you throw us under the bus to appease black lives matter or something like that, there’s going to be social media left and right attacking your business. You don’t want that, so I suggest you keep us on your side vs. of against you.

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