Christopher Columbus Statues, Cancelling, White Employment

: June 21, 2020

I don’t agree with christopher columbus (he was a tyrant), but someone had to put a stop to this cancelling crap, and I’m glad Italians rallied in nyc and philly to do it. It’s about time the cancellers get hit with counter force. You can’t erase history.

We need these symbolic victories because they don’t just want to get rid of statues, they want to ruin your life if you’re white.

Should we knock down native american statues because the various tribes killed each other? It’s ridiculous. History is history. Stop being an infantile child and grow up like a man.

None of this changes the fact that columbus was a bad person. But It’s great to see people finally standing up against this cancel mob, and now we’re going to take it into the office, the workplace, and we’re going to stand up to employers who try to cancel us too.

I stand up to the counter culture because it’s a reactionary and unmarxist lie.

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