Consequences of not Understanding Class Division

: June 20, 2020

Failure to understand class division causes people to commit numerous ideological errors, usually based around not understanding that the rich have contempt for the poor instead thinking that some form of discrimination can be eliminated to make society work.

It’s very important to understand that ideologies that dehumanize segments of the population are a result of class divisions, as opposed to a pre-existing condition that cause the illuminati (term used for kicks) to create the two main original classes unnecessarily. The attitude that springs from this can deepen the division, but at the core, the original cause is the division between rich owners of production and poor workers.

It’s not humanity that divides itself into a working class and a business class, it’s capital that does this automatically. Humanity, however, may then further subdivide the working class, but capital cause the initial “main” divide.

Humanity may divide the proletariat into wage slaves, “real” slaves, indentured servants and unemployed, but this proletariat already existed before being subdivided because of capital.

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