Casino Capitalism vs Caste Capitalism

: June 20, 2020

One feature that keeps our system going, is that we have a casino system more than a fixed caste system.

In America, it possible for a poor person to become the man on top of the business hierarchy, but that opportunity isn’t available to everyone because:
1) not everyone gets the same “opening”
2) we all have different skills, talents, abilities etc.

And so it’s like a gambler at a casino who thinks his next drop is doing hit the jack pot. And that delusion is really what keeps our system going. It’s the idea that you could hit the jack pot next shot, while if we were outright fixed in a caste system I think the revolution would have already happened.

Remember that 1% of the population can be the 1%.

America depends on convincing everyone that they could be rich but saying that to more people than it can deliver it to. And then penalizing everyone else.

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