Blacks, Whites and Racism

: June 20, 2020

I will say this. Blacks and Whites face different strands of racism.

For blacks (from my view), they get collectively judged because of the criminal activity of one part of the population.

For whites, it’s not so much that they’re suspected of being criminals, but they’re suspected of making this judgement when in fact many can differentiate between criminals and others. And they’re suspected of being rich insiders when only 1% of the population is the 1%.

The problem is that some people have the mentality that if you cut the income off of a white person, you’re really doing no harm. They have that privilege. They don’t need their job. Actually you’re doing a great harm.

You’ve very rarely justified in harming someone financially because of something they said. It would have to be really hurtful, really personal, really crude and really disgusting.
Disagreeing with your political views in an intellectual way never justifies cancelling.

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