Systemically Failed not Systemically Racist

: June 19, 2020

Part 1:
Here’s an analogy. we’re all sitting on a helipcoter.

There are rich and poor people.

Imagine that the pilot is fucking up and crashing the helicopter.

Kobe Bryant’s privilege didn’t crash the helicopter.

Even if white privilege exists, the system failed because the system is a failed system, not because of white privilege.

Attempts to blame racial privilege are attempts to defend the system that has failed.

Part 2:
What annoys me about Democrats, is they talk about things as if all whites are doing pretty good and so all we need is some equality. All we need is to open the bridge to other races.

But even for the supposed in group, the system is failing. It’s as if limousine liberals think we all live like them, and that we’re complaining because we’re entitled and not because we’re up against a failed system that isn’t just systemically racist but is systemically failed.

Of course, I resolutely oppose the free market ideologies of Republicans and think it’s a con being played on Whites.

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