The 1%, White Supremacism and Malleable Ideologies

: June 13, 2020

The point I want to advance is that white supremacism is something that the 1% can promote at times, but that the 1% has no real loyalty to white supremacism. The 1% can also promote sexism, feminism, antisemitism, pro israel sentiment, black group identity, brown identity, anti-racism, Islamophobia, hedonism, religion, liberalism, fascism, individualism, open boarders, nationalism, discrimination against a younger generation, conservatism and a host of ideologies depending on what confuses the working class the most at a given time.

So it’s an incorrect viewpoint to suggest that the 1% is always white supremacist. It’s green (money) supremacist and promotes varying ideologies at varying times to cause confusion.

Some supposed Marxists promote this incorrect viewpoint, not understanding or ignoring the malleability of the ruling 1%.

Thinking otherwise is kind of like trying to defend a player in a sport and only defending against one of their moves, when they have 12 different moves they can make on you.

For example, The 1% with Trump flirts with white supremacism, though I would say from the perspective of that movement, he didn’t really come through for them and sort of threw them under the bus. But the 1% under Romney was all about libertarian individualism. So the ideology changes. While Bush Jr. much more overtly pushed Christianity. Democrats often pledge opposition to the 1%, but then pivot the other way when in office.

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