White Privilege?

: June 4, 2020

This brings up an interesting point about “white privilege.” It’s more complex.

If you’re talking economic well being and class, that’s really an individual thing not a group thing. On average “Yellows” are the best off, followed by Whites, followed by Browns, followed by Blacks. But individuals vary.

If you’re talking police brutality I have to agree. Being black makes you more likely to be brutalized, although it still happens to whites.

But if you’re talking about intellectual freedom – Whites don’t have privilege at all. No other group has to walk on egg shells like Whites, where one little disagreement with the pc mob means your career is over. What happened to Kaepernick happens to Whites faster than it happens to blacks. Dissent from the mind fed views and you’ll face social penalty fast, just like opponents of the Iraq War and critics of Israel did.

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