Transferring Instead of Correcting the Problem

: June 4, 2020

I’m very dead set against the idea that taking systemic racism out of our system on its own (and I can’t say how much is there, I don’t know) can make the system workable.

Our system could have no racism, but it would still be based on greed, bullying, imperial warfare and profiteering. If perhaps Pueto Ricans or Mexicans gained the upper hand and Whites increasingly fell into the underclass, it wouldn’t make our system workable. It would still be bullshit.

And it still is bullshit right now for a large number of Whites.

That’s what I want to hammer. You can’t simply reform the system racially. That only transfers the problem.

edit: We’ve seen changes already. Jews used to be insignificant, now they’re surpassed Anglo-Saxons in influence. Germans have out bread Anglo-Saxons. Irish people have become president in both parties. Indians are dominating our IT sector. I got news for you. These racial rotations didn’t fix anything.

We’re repeating the mistake of baby boomers if we think cowboy capitalism can simply be more racially inclusive and then it would work, then there’s no problem.

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