Historical Antisemitism as an Analogy to Dividing Protests

: June 4, 2020

I’m beginning to understand antisemitism more practically now. For history under monarchs and kings, it wasn’t so much that the rulers hated Jews as they wanted a scapegoat. So when a revolution started break out, they could divide the protest. So while they would oppress Jews, they would never kill them off.

Hitler, though, actually really believed in his views. He even was resisted by other fascist and ultranationalist regimes like Italian and Croatian governments. Hitler is like the guy who couldn’t see that the others before him were using Jews and actually internalized the propaganda literally.

We can’t allow whites and blacks/browns to be used in the way that Jews were used by monarchs – to put down protests by dividing the protestors.

If protestors don’t divide into racial factions nothing will stop them. But if they do, they will fail, blaming each other and looking for mayors and governors to be mediators.

What the system would love more than anything else is to be called on to mediate various divided factions of a protest. It’s like a child who runs away and then has to go back to his parent because he failed to run away.

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