Class and Race

: June 1, 2020

I will find common ground where I can find common ground and I’ll even tolerate some opposing views.

But you have to understand that I’m part of the old school “class warrior” left and not the “liberal” social justice warrior “woke” left. I don’t deny that there are racial issues and I did support the protests, but I do “deny” that these issues come anywhere near the size of the class issues. To put it bluntly, the slogan about the 99% in occupy wall street is basically correct. A LOT of white people have been financially fucked and bullied in the work place, and treated like trash in spite of their merit, good attendance and problem solving.

Some blacks might actually be in a good position. “Middle” or upper class blacks. Yes, I do agree that overall Whites have a better “average” but be careful with averages. A block can average 100k salary if there’s one millionaire and 15 other poor people. I feel a lot of people lose sight of this and talk about “white privilege.”

I don’t think it’s possible to defend the working class unless you call out politicians who serve a false solution that focusing exclusively on racism can fix it. Anti-racist activism has its place, but if you focus on that exclusively, you’re going to skip over a lot of hurt that is caused by corporate greed and bullying and isn’t necessarily racist but a huge problem. And sometimes there’s even reverse racism in attempts to correct racism.

sometimes i wonder if the people who complain about racism but say nothing about the plight of white workers ever worked a real job.

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