Whites Can Face Prejudice

: May 31, 2020

Perhaps I should emphasize that my view isn’t so much that racism doesn’t exist but that I object to the idea that every white person has a fair shot and gets judged on their merits and that only non-whites face these problems of prejudice. Actually plenty of white people get judged unfairly.

Nobody can really claim that they know what it’s like to be another race. If you’re brown you can’t claim that you know what it’s like to be black, or vice versa, or what it’s like to be white.

But it is reasonable to claim that you know what it is like to be “pre judged” or to be discriminated against based on what people anticipate about you instead of what you really would have done or are. So it is possible for a white person to understand prejudice if they’ve been fucked over a few times in their life – which i have more than a few (particularly in my computer programming career going up against power hungry baby boomers and Indian vendors).

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