My Views

: May 25, 2020

My views are kind of like a conservative democrat, meaning i don’t like 100 genders, war mongering, talking about race instead of class in a way to make whites bad instead of the business class bad, but I agree with FDR style economics. I basically want to get rid of all the weirdos from the Democratic Party.

I would support a revolution but I don’t think Americans are ready for it and I think American marxists aren’t serious marxists.

I’d rather be a conservative Democrat than an anti big business Republican.

Millennialls are close to controlling the democratic party but don’t quite control it yet. Soon they will, and only a candidate with views like Sanders will be able to win.

On the other hand Millennialls are not close to controlling the Republican Party and Trump turned out to be a fraud on everything, even his supposed disdain for being the world policeman.

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