Remarks on Trump

: May 11, 2020

Ignoring dumb arguments like the Russia baiting, the real argument I think to be against Trump is that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic failed.

My major issue with American politics is that politicians were acting as middlemen for special interests including AIPAC and corporate lobbies.

And it is true that Trump cut the middleman, but he was the guy who was giving orders to the middle men before he was President so it’s an incorrect read of the situation to say that he cut the middle man because he wanted to reduce the power of special interests. He cut the middleman to change the strategy in how those special interests are pursued, because he IS the special interest.

His claim to be against the Iraq war from day one is not only proven to be a lie, but wouldn’t have been possible for a big businessman like him. If he had actually done that, a massive hate campaign would have been launched at him. Many people lost their jobs or were blacklisted from media because they correctly opposed the Iraq war.

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