Democrats, Republicans and Baby Boomers

: April 5, 2020

I view both parties as having gone downhill around the time of Ronald Reagan for different reasons.

Republicans moved from a party that was for a strong economy and business friendly to a party that totally worshiped free markets. No longer was the goal just to business going, the goal became to help the rich and crush the poor. Remember nixon supported something like Obamacare, and believed in Keynesian economics (intervention when things go downhill). Additionally GWB massively screwed up foreign policy, and in a smaller way, so has Trump. But secretary Hillary Clinton also did that.

Democrats decided that they were going to take the most extreme positions possible on race, sex, abortion, guns – pretty much every social issue. They want you to believe there are more than 2 sexes, that we should support quotas instead of equal opportunity. And as a response to Trump they’ve also become too radical on immigration. Finally, to top it off, until Bernie Sanders, they sold out to corporations as well, just in a softer, more backhanded way than Republicans.

The bottom line – baby boomers have been an absolutely cancerous influence on our society. Every day we walk them out of power is a fight for our long term survival. They’re not just regular elders, there’s something wrong with them and that’s why they act like they do.

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