Anti-Racist vs Xenophobic Capitalists and Trump

| March 29, 2020

If Trump proved one thing, it’s that the debate between anti-racist and xenophobic capitalists is an infight. It’s sort of a family feud. Neither side is on our side.

Racial Trends Tend to be National in Elections

| March 4, 2020

Here’s the truth about presidential elections. Every time race has been the best predictor. Once bernie lost with blacks and browns last election, he was never able to reverse that. the polls would shift but the results would revert to race. Now that bernie has pulled brown people under his tent, I predict that this […]

Will Klobuchar and Buttigieg go to Biden?

| March 3, 2020

I’m not convinced that all the klobuchar and buttigieg voters go to Biden. There’s already some reason that kept them from Biden. Why go to an underdog when you could have gone to Biden from the beginning? They obviously wanted a moderate but they didn’t want Biden and whatever issue that was keeping them from […]