The Fairy Tale of Moral Superiority and Jim Crow

: February 27, 2020

If old boomers and the younger members of the generation before them ended segregation due to poor operational performance, then they cannot claim either economic or moral superiority to their ancestors. The reason that Jim Crow was taken down was not moral but practical. The official reason was that separate but equal wasn’t really equal. My point – the people didn’t really outperform the previous group just because they ended segregation. By their own admission, it was due to poor performance.

If segregation was working great but it was ended in the name of human unity, then a case could be made that early boomers and late silent generation members had it together both morally and economically. But what happened is that the trains didn’t run on time so they gave up on it – which shows neither moral courage nor technical skill. Which discredits the group, especially when it tries to preach its moral purity on being against racism while invading Iraq and laying off countless people but “at least it isn’t racist.”

If you follow my line of thinking, the great evil of jim crow wasn’t that it had racial groups but that it didn’t seriously give one of the racial groups a decent chance. But overall, that doesn’t mean that all whites had it great. But the key thing here is that people who ended Jim Crow weren’t moral crusaders who did it for benevolent reasons, but just people who didn’t have it together.

In some ways the people who ended segregation are like involuntary celebrates. They wanted a system that had two racial groups, but couldn’t run it properly. They then pretend that it’s a moral “choice.” Of course there are also people who choose to not be sexually active.

edit: Some commentary. This article is a good one. I pretty thoroughly discredited the idea that the people who ended Jim Crow have a moral highground to beat down younger people, even if in the name of accusing those younger people of being racist.

In fact, this article is a damn bullseye. It’s really a jugular cut to older people who run around committing economic injustices but then excuse themselves by opposing white nationalism on the internet.

They may point out that they made immigration easier. But they did that for cheap labor, again no moral highground.

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