Millennials and Boomers – A Probation Analogy

: February 25, 2020

What people are conceding is that if millennials turn out, Sanders will defeat Trump. But if they do about what they did in 2016, Trump may squeak by. And in that scenario of low turnout Biden is a sure bet to beat Trump while Sanders is on shaky grounds.

But i do believe millennials are going to turn out.

My analogy would be being on probation. when on probation, you have the option of following the rules, or basically fleeing the area and “going on the run.” What’s happened is that millennials have played by the rules of baby boomers but have been treated like lower class citizens at best. And as a generation, millenials have decided to declare war on the probation department instead of following its rules. This is of course an analogy, not a call for people to go on the run and not report to probation.

Millennials will take the war to the ballot box, when previously they would have stepped down and “cooperated” with Baby Boomers.

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