Biden’s Error

: February 25, 2020

Where Biden is making a mistake is that most Democrats support Obama meaning if we went back in time and it was Obama vs McCain they’d vote for Obama again. But they don’t support him THAT much, that because Sanders is different from him that Sanders is sort of like committing a heresy. Obama is supported relative to his era, but not universally. Just like most people would vote for Bill Clinton again in 1992 and Jimmy Carter again in the 70s, but they still don’t support Clinton THAT much.

Just like most Republicans support Ronald Reagan relative to his time, but if you started pointing out the differences between Reagan and Trump, they wouldn’t say “What, he disagrees with Reagan, I’m not supporting him.”

My only problem with Obama was that he let Clinton influence him. It was the Libya thing. If it wasn’t for the Libya thing I would be okay with Obama. Biden was the voice of reason in his administration. I also think arguments could be made against his “bail out” during the great recession.

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